Wayang Kulit Paper Puppet Kit - Laksamana / Putra Arjuna / King Rama / Warrior Bima

RM 6.90
Weight: 0.41 kg

Dwell into the art of performing stories with traditional shadow puppets called Wayang Kulit! This "cinema in silhouette" makes the greatest storytellers and incites amazing imagination within each child and the kit comes in Laksamana, Putra Arjuna, King Rama or Warrior Bima. Choose your character, colour to your most creative pattern and design with the provided mini magic colour pens, build the puppet and viola, whisk rightaway to old and new storylines! Amazing play for the solo actor or expand it to shows for a group of inquisitive minds! 

Great for party play, Merdeka and craft for gift bags to take home with!


1 x Printed paper puppet

1 x Bamboo stick

1 x Straw

3 x Button paper holder

8 x Mini magic colour pens

This craft is great for:
  • National Day

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (wayang-kulit-paper-puppet-sbs.jpg, 171 Kb) [Download]