Suncatcher Hari Raya Lantern Kit - 3-in-1

RM 9.90
Weight: 0.050 kg

Celebrate this joyous Raya by displaying beautiful Suncatcher Raya lanterns! Our designs include elegant Mosque shape and stars in the background, how wonderful to look at when these stained glass effect self-adhesive craft sits nicely on windows and letting the sun shine through them makes the reflective light all the more colourful and interesting! Create the colourful effect by pasting coloured paper on top of each other. Scissors is needed to cut each shape out. 

Perfect for Hari Raya art and craft lessons!


3 x Suncatcher templates

9 x Assorted colour tissue paper

3 x Transparent self-adhesive stickers

This craft is great for:
  • Hari Raya

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (suncatcher-hari-raya-lantern-paper-kit-sbs.jpg, 285 Kb) [Download]