Sand Art *Theme Park* - COWBOY

RM 30.00
Weight: 0.510 kg

Join Cowboy and Red Indian on a wild west adventure through the Great Plains together. Just peel and sprinkle, no scissors required! Keep completed sand art card neatly in plastic sleeve.

Our sand art colour sand is certified:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe For Children
  • Uses Organic Colour Pigment
  • Conforms to International Safety Standard EN71 and ASTM D4236

Content (Loose):

10 x Medium 6.5" x 9.5" sand art card

Content (Boxed Kit):

5 x Medium 6.5" x 9.5" sand art card

1 x Sand art tray

5 x 10 x 5gm Colour sand

3 x 3gm Glitter powder

5 x Plastic sleeve

2 x Empty bucket

5 x Bamboo toothpick

By theme:
  • Cowboy
  • For BOYS

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (sand-art-theme-park-cowboy-sbs.jpg, 249 Kb) [Download]