Paint With Love - 3D Easter Day Hanging Deco Kit

RM 12.90
Weight: 0.115 kg

Celebrate this Easter and paint with love a 3D Easter hanging deco! Comes in 2 cute designs - "Easter Bunny With Flowers And Chick" and "Easter Bunny With Easter Eggs" that will hang wonderfully along walls and windows. The diamond beads also add a bling touch to the 3D effect!


2 x Pre-cut MDF Wooden boards

1 x Pack of buttons and diamond beads

6 x 2.5ml Colour paint

1 x 2.5ml White glue

1 x 2.5ml Varnish

1 x Ribbon

1 x Brush


This craft is great for:
  • Easter Day

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (paint-with-love-3d-easter-day-hanging-deco-sbs.jpg, 177 Kb) [Download]