Felt Pencil Topper Party Kit Pack of 20

RM 52.50
Weight: 0.200 kg

Top off boring pencils with DIY jiggly pencil toppers with felt sewing and glitter glue pens! Create 20 soft and puffy toppers - 2 of each Heart, Flower, Butterfly, Cupcake, Crown, Car, Spaceship, Star, Ribbon and Moustache. They will jiggle when you write and turns a tough class lesson fun and interesting! Great to present as a gift to your friends and teachers too.

Perfect for craft classes and lessons, parties, birthdays and events.


2 x 10 Felt pencil toppers

3 x Assorted glitter glue pen

20 x Colourful chenille stem

20 x Fiber cotton

20 x Child-safe plastic needle


Instruction sheet

By theme:
  • Butterfly
  • Cupcake
  • Flower
  • Stars & Planets
  • Transport

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (felt-pencil-topper-party-sbs.jpg, 307 Kb) [Download]