Felt 4-in-1 Owls Box Set

RM 31.50
Weight: 0.315 kg

Kids will love creating these 4 adorable, do-it-youself Owl themed felt crafts! An Owl clock, door sign, bookmark and magnet all packed into one single box for maximum crafty fun. Felt shapes are pre-cut, no scissors needed! Contents for each craft are individually packed and easy to find. Crafts are equipped with instruction sheets for each of them. Parental guide is needed for clock gadget set up.

Perfect for gifting and as Christmas presents!


Owl Clock

1 x Felt Owl clock base

1 x Felt Owl stickers

1 x Clock gadget set

1 x Battery

Owl Door Sign

1 x Felt Owl door sign base

1 x Felt Owl stickers

1 x Thread string

1 x Suction keyring

Owl Bookmark

1 x Felt Owl bookmark base

1 x Felt Owl stickers

1 x Bookmark stick

Owl Magnet

1 x Felt Owl magnet base

1 x Felt Owl stickers

1 x Magnet

By theme:
  • Bird
  • Owl

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (felt-owl-set-box-kit-sbs.jpg, 781 Kb) [Download]