DIY Halloween Lantern Pack of 10

RM 126.00
Weight: 0.520 kg

Create spook-tacular Halloween lanterns to decorate around the house or bring-it-along for trick-or-treating! Illuminate the lantern's pumpkins, bats, spider, cat and spooky castle with safe LED lights. The lantern has 4 sides and each displays different design and colour. This pack comes in 10 and perfect for multiple placements, switch the lights off for that festive look!

Great for Halloween parties and Halloween-themed decoration in the house!


10 x Set of Halloween lantern

10 x Set of tissue paper

10 x Lantern stick

10 x LED light

30 x Set of wiggly eyes

10 x White glue

10 x Thread

This craft is great for:
  • Halloween

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