Deepavali Peacock Greeting Card Pack of 10

RM 15.00
Weight: 0.370 kg

Wish your friends during Deepavali with this DIY Peacock greeting card! Kids will enjoy folding origami peacock's tail, colouring the peacock and writing messages to complete the craft. The peacock is a pre-cut artcard and no scissors is needed. You may use colour pencils or KS marker pens.

Perfect for Deepavali craft lessons and Indian cultural activities and events.


10 x Pre-cut peacock shape

10 x Greeting card artcard

10 x Inner greeting card paper

10 x Peacock tail paper

10 x Set of wiggly eyes

This craft is great for:
  • Deepavali

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (deepavali-peacock-greeting-card-sbs.jpg, 319 Kb) [Download]