3D Bunny Deco Board Stand Pack of 10

RM 40.00
Weight: 0.450 kg

Let's create this fun, egg-shaped 3D effect Bunny/Rabbit decoration stand for Easter! Colour the pre-cut drawing papers with magic colour pens and stick them onto the board. Arrange and stick with foam tapes to create that 3D effect. A stand can be inserted on the back of the egg to display your creation!

Perfect for craft classes and lessons, parties, birthdays and events.


10 x Set of 3D bunny deco MDF board

10 x Set of pre-cut drawing papers

10 x Set of wiggly eyes

10 x Set of foam tapes

1 x Glue stick


This craft is great for:
  • Easter Day
By theme:
  • Farm Animal
  • Rabbit

Get our FREE print-friendly instruction sheet here! (3d-bunny-deco-board-sbs.jpg, 415 Kb) [Download]