KS Dealership Programme

Firstly, all new registrations in this upgraded website will be reviewed by us. Please check "Account Details" under Settings in one working day and you may see your updated Dealership Level, refer to the information below.

For existing Dealers:
  • Your Dealer Level can be checked through "User groups" tab on the left in "Account Details" under Settings.
  • Every order will accumulate and once your latest order reaches the next Dealer Level, it will be reflected upon our invoice with the next Dealer Level discount, where we will e-mail to you as per usual. Your changed Dealership status shall subsequently be updated here.
For non-existing Dealers and new members wishing to become our Dealer.
  • You will not be able to view "User groups" tab upon registering.
  • After your first order exceeding MYR 2,000, your status will be updated accordingly and you will be able to view your Dealership status at "User groups" tab in "Account Details" under Settings.

How Dealer Group Level works

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Our Dealership Programme operates on a simple discount structure based on your initial order (new applicants) and 12 months' order accumulation from your first order (existing Dealers).

Dealership Level Total Order Value
(Retail Price)
Normal membership Less than MYR 2,000
Dealer Level 1
50% Discount
MYR 2,001 to MYR 10,000
*Fast Track Deposit: Deposit MYR 1,000
and you will be entitled to Dealer Level 1.
Dealer Level 2
50% + 10% Discount
MYR 10,001 to MYR 30,000
Dealer Level 3
50% + 10% + 10% Discount
MYR 30,001 and Above

*As soon as your next order reaches and qualifies for a certain level, it will take effect immediately and be shown in the invoice sent to you for that order.

*Fast Track Deposit of MYR 1,000 entitles you to purchase products worth MYR 2,000 in retail price within 12 months' time. Your balance will be deducted after each order.

*All levels are subjected to on-going review of previous 12 months’ total order.

*KS Innovative Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to change or cancel a dealer’s eligibility in the Programme if the dealer
fails to adhere to the above conditions or operating in an unsatisfactory manner.

How much can you save for each Dealer Group Level?

Here's the fun part - savings! We're happy to show you the discount amount you can get just by being a KS Dealer and the significant difference these further discounts are able to generate for you.

Discount Per Order:

Dealer Level No Discount Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Discount None 50% 50% + 10% 50% + 10% + 10%
Per Order MYR 200 MYR 200 MYR 200 MYR 200
You Pay MYR 200 MYR 100 MYR 90 MYR 81
You Save MYR 0 MYR 100 MYR 110 MYR 119

Here's a different take on discount of a single item from our store.

Discount Per Item:

Dealer Level No Discount Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Discount None 50% 50%+10% 50% + 10% + 10%
Per Item MYR 10 MYR 10 MYR 10 MYR 10
You Pay MYR 10 MYR 5 MYR 4.50 MYR 4.05
You Save MYR 0 MYR 5 MYR 5.50 MYR 5.95

With all the benefits of discounted prices displayed above, why wait?

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